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What is education? Education is a cool, formulaic concept, let’s say. Standard.Now, in all of these examples, there is an element of randomness. Even in a court decision, when you’re an independent reviewer or an amateur, you get more or less random results, too. So, for science in general, it only matters in some exceptional cases. But you could say that in physics, chemistry, one way or another there has to be randomness, but in biology there is not. Therefore, in science such a division cannot be used. But in the aesthetic business of which you and I are talking, there is virtually no such division.

It’s just a completely different craft, different methods, different conditions. Say, if we’re talking about nature, everything here is random. Including, for example, the fact that there is such a phenomenon as light. If we look at what spectrum of what color nature gives us, we come to the conclusion that it is the same anywhere in our universe. Color does not depend on anything. The laws of nature are the same everywhere.

As a Ph.D. in engineering, I believe that this is not a problem with the scientific approach at all. Just now we were talking about how science should use randomness. Unfortunately, very often science does not use randomness in its work. It chooses certain regularities. Here we have, as they say, in the visual arts, in cinema, in music, this often happens. But there is almost no such thing in science. It’s not a problem of work, it’s a problem of the system.

“Two times two is four, but it’s not because I think so.”

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If you look at Russian history, you can see that we have changed many times in the way we solve certain problems. We have changed many times the way we solve problems artistically. And vice versa, this, too, can be shown by examples from Russian history.

For example, when we proclaimed the slogan of freedom for the Russian people in the early 18th century, we often had situations where the people in charge simply did not know what to do. We had and still have one of the longest register armies in Europe and in the world, but we depended on it little in battle. First we had to recruit that army. And when it prepared for battle, it simply did not have a common language. Each man had to talk to his own man, the commander, and so on. Each man had his own language. And everyone had a different reaction to one event or another. And this system was never established.

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