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It is very difficult to talk about the inner life of any particular person, because we don’t know what a person is like, we can only speculate based on their personality.

Van der Vater.

Each of us lives surrounded by all living things, in their own peculiar forms. Do you think the body of the person you see before you has anything to do with his actual qualities? Or is it a reflection of his personality? If it is a reflection, it is a reflection of that which is in the form of the tissue in the rib cage from which it once emerged. It is a reflected projection of the personality that created it. Everything we know about it and what makes us think of it is actually the fruit of our own opinions and assessments. It is all the more surprising, therefore, when we see, for example, a clear and obvious defect in his personality, his lack of character or bad tendencies, his unattractive appearance, his inability to love or any other form of life, and yet we are completely unable to explain why we think so.

The inner world of the self-conscious person is trying to break through the dense layers of protection in order to release that consciousness that already exists at a deeper level. The inner world is all that is individual to a given personality and what it is based on.

In fact, you create your consciousness on the basis of what you rely on in life. And your own theories and perceptions are what you really are.

All the theories that on the deepest level are our own theories on which we build our own life can end up being the foundation upon which all of our actions in this life are built.

And by those theories that we create during this period of our lives, we evaluate all of our actions and deeds. So we can see from our personal theories about everything that happens in life how good or bad those theories are. Therefore, if we choose a bad and wrong theory that does not correlate with real life, exactly what we expect will happen.

As a rule, a person in old age, when entering into relationships with others, relies on the experiences he or she already has, including family experiences. But the closer one gets to old age, the less one relies on anything.

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